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Who would have thought that one little Instagram hashtag could clean the earth. #Litterati first started with one man’s desire to record the impact he was having on the earth. It has now become a social movement in which technology, social awareness and art have been combined to tackle pollution one piece of litter at a time through a Digital Landfill created by Jeff Kirschner.

Basically, when someone takes a photo of a piece of litter and hashtags #Litterati the data is then sent to the Digital Landfill and with geo-tagging problem areas and active Litterati communities can be highlighted (see the map above). Keyword hashtags on photos also help identify those brands that generate the most litter and with all this data Litterati is able to use these statistics to work with companies and local communities to find environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions to keep our world clean.

Talking about thinking outside the box! Instagram not only is a photo/video sharing platform it now can help fight pollution! No need for captain planet we have social media. Check it out @litterati and get hashtagging!

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